Dragon Value

Domains, websites, content, SEO, performance marketing, affiliate programs.

Social media accounts, forums and chat rooms.

Whatever the message is that you are trying to get across, when it comes down to it all, aren't we all just trying to generate leads?

Portfolio Approach

We invest in online assets at various stages of the value chain. This includes:

Embedded Optionality

We believe in the power of embedded optionality. A domain or a dormant content-rich website has optionality. It might generate some passive income, but by being "out there" it lends itself to the option that at any given point there might be a demand for this asset.

Therefore, we like to hold a portfolio of online assets that might position ourselves to be in the way of interesting opportunities from time to time. Either by getting offers from prospective buyers or exploring partnerships to further develop our assets.

Test the market

Most people have products ideas and which they need to get in front of an audience.

We tend to do it the other way around. We like to test out a number of audiences before we develop the actual product.


We hold a small portfolio of domains that we believe have scarcity value and will appreciate in value over time.

5-Letter .com Domains

kunav.comjnavy.comrouey.comeykol.comameby.comegulo.comoggzy.comusuly.com (sold)skigi.comjobxd.com

6-Letter .com Domains


Brandable .com Domains


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